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Templates for internal IT projects

This page explains briefly the purpose of each template, and links to the templates themselves.



Risk Register



To capture and maintain a list of the main project risks, together with the actions to be taken, and the potential consequences.  This Excel template associates project risk with financial and schedule contingency.  The short form is a simpler version in Microsoft Word.

Project Plan



Template for a project plan (a short version is provided for very small projects).

Change Request Form



This form is used to help manage change to a project.  Its purpose is to formally document a change, its impact, and the decision to accept / reject the change.  Note that change can apply to many aspects of a project, not just functional scope.

Status Report


Provides information about the progress of the project.

Difficult to write well, many status reports focus too much on what the project did rather than status against plan.  Know your audience - this template is careful to distinguish between different audiences.



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