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New England Project Services is a portal to a source of support and encouragement for project managers and those that work with them. This website contains information for project managers, business leaders seeking to maximize their investment in projects, and those involved in creating, leading or working with project teams.

Originally created by a small group of seasoned professionals, this website is now maintained by Mike Cooper to continue to provide the resources to project managers.

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Sample tools:

Milestone Trends Chart
A simple way to show how milestones are changing over time to help identify trends.

Planning / Tracking internal IT projects
Project plan and status reporting templates for internal IT projects.

Sample article:

The Project Manager and Their Interaction with the Finance Organization by Mike Cooper
What does the finance department expect from project managers?  What should project managers be expecting from the finance department?  How should these organizations work together for the common good of the organization?  This article explores these questions.

Sample book reviews:

The Power of Purpose, by Richard J. Leider
Many of you know you are in the wrong job, yet you don't move. Why? Mike Cooper's review

IT Project Estimation, by Paul Coombs
An excellent book on a tricky Mike Cooper's review



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